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“Let’s partner together so you can get away from your desk and focus on what you really love doing…selling real estate!”

-Allyson, Owner & Transaction Coordinator

What is a Transaction Coordinator?
And Why do you need one?

Congratulations on going under contract!

Your deal is complete and you are ready to close and collect your commission check…right?

Not so fast! 


There are at least 35 tasks that still need to be completed in order to get you to the closing table.


Do you know what they are? Do you have the time to execute each one of them? 


Probably not! That’s where a Transaction Coordinator (like me) comes in.


A Transaction Coordinator (TC) manages real estate contracts from execution through closing.


Using a TC allows the Agent to focus their time and attention on growing a business, while knowing that the administrative needs of existing contracts are being handled.


A TC manages the communication, documents, deadlines, and follow up to ensure Agents reach the closing table as smoothly as possible. 

Paige Hails

Broker/Realtor, Motivated Connection Realty, LLC

“I’m very pleased to recommend Allyson, I was personally feeling overwhelmed and wondering how I was going to do this by myself. Then I was introduced to Allyson, has she been a key player on our team. The skills and leadership qualities would make her an invaluable addition to any team. She’s committed to quality, growth, and progress and making sure the job gets done. Her personality is the best very easy to work with and get along with. Allyson has my highest recommendation. Thank you very much for everything you do. I look forward to the next deals we work.”

Shari Orland

Realtor, Champagne &

Parisi Real Estate

“Professional, available and accessible, and keeps the process moving with all parties, helps to have a middle man so we can move on with new sales.”

Terell Killings

Realtor, Elite Realty Partners

“Allyson has been the absolute best transaction coordinator I could have imagined. She has made my introduction into the real estate profession a breeze. She is very meticulous and prompt with deadlines. Allyson also ensures that the party on the other side of your transaction is held accountable and to a high standard. Her professionalism is through the roof and I have had realtors on the other side acknowledge her diligence to get to closing in a see less manner. I would refer Allyson any day!”  

Gilberte (Gigi) Fergile-Caseneuve

Realtor, Elite Realty Partners

“I am so glad that I was referred to Allyson as my transaction coordinator. Allyson has been extremely helpful by taking care of the communication with the other agent, lenders, home inspectors, title company and my clients during my transaction. I sent her my files and she dug right in and followed all my brokerage company policies. 

She handles all of my paperwork and transaction coordination from contract to close which allowed me time for my other clients and my family. She was pleasant and patient, and very responsive to email, phone, and text. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Ann Ebanks

Realtor, United Realty Group

“I was searching around for a good transaction coordinator could not find one. I met a realtor one day and she recommended me to Allyson. My experience with her is simple first class! All the  parties that were involved in the transaction was just blown away by her service. The closing agent even ask me for her number and remarked she has dealt with a lot of transaction coordinators but never had any of them so experienced and efficient.

I would highly recommend her and believe me she takes the stress and worry from you!”

Tidy Desk

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